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The company actively shapes the enterprise concept of "full participation, strengthening management, striving for perfection and casting quality", adheres to the talent concept of "knowing people and making the best of their talents", adheres to the development concept that talent is the first element of enterprise development and the enterprise and employees grow together.

Employment standard: integrity, responsibility, occupation, enterprising and practical work

Integrity: integrity is the basic requirement of good conduct and the foundation of a person.

Responsibility: we should have the spirit of responsibility and sense of ownership, play the subjective initiative in our work, consciously invest in our work, and maintain our enthusiasm for work.

Occupation: it means to have a professional attitude and professional behavior, work with rules, be diligent and dedicated, and emphasize self-study and cultivation.

Enterprising: to have goals, to do things, and constantly self driving and self-improvement.

Practical work: be practical and willing to work, have the ability to act and execute, not ambitious, and pay attention to actual effect.

Those who are honest, trustworthy, responsible, hardworking, enterprising and have good professional quality and enterprising consciousness are the people who we actively seek, introduce, select, train and provide broad development space for.

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